Sean Wicks From Urban Rolling Skateshop Now Homeless!


It is only right that I post this up as an awareness as well as an update for as many bladers as possible to show support for our fellow brother Sean Wicks who is currently homeless and in a very unfortunate situation. I want to personally thank Robert from “The Voices Among Us” for contacting me and letting know about Sean’s current situation. The first link that I provided below is from the interview Robert did with Sean for “The Voices Among Us” blog. The 2nd link that I provided is video footage from Rob showing Sean speaking to us in his own words. The 3rd link below is their update where they give ShutupandSKATE a big mention šŸ™‚ And to show you how good Sean is on the blades there are a couple of edits for your visual enjoyment.

THE VOICES AMONG US Episode 2: Sean Wicks Interview

THE VOICES AMONG US: Sean Wicks Video Footage


SEAN WICKS Urban Rolling Edit #1



2 Responses to “Sean Wicks From Urban Rolling Skateshop Now Homeless!”

  1. Yo we all need too help Sean wicks in any way we can he a fellow blader

    • Hi,
      Sean Wicks is my Nephew and I understand he is homeless in the USA and I would like to get in touch with him so I can offer him some help, if you know his whereabouts please email me back with his contact details or I can send you a Mobile number to talk further.
      Take care.

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