Introducing “Piss Rail”


Back in the days me and this rail went together like PB&J. Every time I picked up a fresh new pair of blades I usually bladed to this spot at night by myself when no one was around in order to break them in. It is a short mellow little thing but it is still fun as hell to skate on. It is just close enough to the wall to make you slightly hesitant on boot tricks but just far enough from the wall that your boot won’t catch the ledge if you are on your trick correctly.

Hence, the name PISS RAIL. The distance between the end of the rail and the landing was close to being non existent and the cherry on this proverbial cake was the constant heavy smell of urine. You want to know why it smelled like urine everyday of the week? Well, the corner of the wall at the bottom is a popular spot to take a piss while waiting for the Q56 or Q24 buses. Another worthy note is that it is located at Eastern Parkway in Brooklyn and if you know Brooklyn you are aware that a police station is only a few feet way…BUT, you never get busted! ENY is a crime hub so the police have way better things to do then bust a harmless skater blading a rail with a piss landing.


So, if you are ever on the A, C, J, Z or L line in the East New York area and want to check out this rail have fun and watch out for the piss! Haha!


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