Beats, Rhymes & Life: Solone “No Pueden Conmigo”

Us rollerbladers have so much talent in such diverse areas that it would be a travesty to not showcase a few of them. From Dominic Sagona creating amazing Electronica to Shardy’s expanding photography portfolio to Vinny Minton’s cinematic empire to Fetty’s Hip-Hop mix tape invasion; we are all a damn talented bunch of individuals when the blades come off.

In the debut of Beats, Rhymes & Life I wanted to showcase a video from mi hermano Solone called “No Pueden Conmigo” filmed & edited by Alex DSGN which was filmed at Billy Hurricanes. It’s a fun feel good video showcasing Ruben’s humor, style and all-around fun vibe. I may not understand it fully since my Spanish is suspect but I simply love this song.


One Response to “Beats, Rhymes & Life: Solone “No Pueden Conmigo””

  1. jon morciglio Says:

    That’s madddd sick, dam ruben got the skills, steez and flow on skates and on the Mic!!! Keep doing your thing ruben!!!!!!

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