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Iggy & Eric’s Bike Ride Across America

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Ambition is a trait that enables you to have an adventurous life or one steeped in boredom. Take for instance New Jersey’s Ignacio Lopez and Eric Gieg. They decided that they both had wanted to take a trip to blader heaven aka Woodward West. But, a plane nor a car would be their choice of transportation. Not even motorcycle…or hitch hiking for that matter. Iggy & Eric are biking it! Yes, they are taking a small pouch of their belongings, banking on the kindness of others for food, drink and lodging and peddling their way to Woodward West to blade. Now if that isn’t badass then maybe you should check out their Tumblr account which showcases their adventure thus far. They are constantly updating the blog when they have down time so check it out often to see their progress. Continue reading


Steve Nichols: Spring 2012 SSM Edit

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One of my favorite bladers Steve Nichols just dropped another gem reppin’ that SSM blade-style.
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Mike Hazard “1 Minute, 1 Spot” Edit

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Check out Long Branch, New Jersey’s Finest killing this spot within a minute’s time.
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Mike Hazard 2012 Parkage Edit

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Long Branch, New Jersey’s finest Mike Hazard is ushering in the 2012 Summer blading season with this new fire edit. This dude definitely doesn’t get the exposure that he deserves. I got your back brother!
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From |B| Unique & Co. to Cheers Club

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Years after the last |B| Unique tee was pressed, bagged and tagged; I still get asked “Whatever happened to the Brown Brothers?” or “What are Court and Chris up to?”. Well, here you go. Their new venture is called Cheers Club…and no it is not another t-shirt company either.

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Camera Roll: Gee Lee

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Here is a photo of the winner of the “King Of Queens Comp” Dylan Hopp mid-trick taken by Gee Lee with the Canon Mark II 5D