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Do You Want To Be A Part Of History?

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Well, here’s your chance!!!
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Lil Brian’s Day Of Play: Coleman Skatepark

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I woke up to a beautiful NYC day filled with sunshine, light clouds and most importantly no humidity! So, once my son woke up I took him out for a day of play with his skates. We ended up going to Coleman Skatepark and here are a baker’s dozen worth of pics chronicling our day.

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New Skatepark In The Works For Ozone Park

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It seems as if NYC is trying to compete within itself for the borough with the most skateparks. Or maybe California has been an influence with their numerous state-funded skate-able landscapes. But either way it is exciting to see the city building new skateparks left and right. And the best part of it for me is that it will be located VERY close to my job!
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Mike Hazard: 2012 Edit

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Mike Hazard is dropping edits like his plate is too full. Here is the newest edit from the Spoil’d Bratt Sk8shop Team Captain filmed by Osbel Velez, Mikey Roman & Steve Nichols.

Coleman Skatepark or Bust

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Just my luck, when I finally head down to the newly built Coleman Skatepark to see what all the hype is all about there happens to be a full-on skateboard competition going down. This can only happen to me! Well, to not to waste a moment I decided to take a few pics of some of the obstacles that look fun to skate. Maybe next time LES! Continue reading