New Skatepark In The Works For Ozone Park


It seems as if NYC is trying to compete within itself for the borough with the most skateparks. Or maybe California has been an influence with their numerous state-funded skate-able landscapes. But either way it is exciting to see the city building new skateparks left and right. And the best part of it for me is that it will be located VERY close to my job!

Here are some stats so far:

– The park will be 10,350sq. feet.
– The park will be located on 88th St. & Atlantic Avenue which is easily accessible by the Q24 bus, J train or even the A train which is the farthest of the 3.
– It will include the usual fare of grind rails, hubba ledges, quarter pipes, banks, slopes, etc.
– When completed by the end of 2013 it will be the 6th city run skatepark in Queens.
– Borough President Hellen Marshall is allocating $1 million for the project with council member Eric Ulrich contributing $700,000.
– Along with the skatepark there will be 2 basketball courts, adult fitness equipment, a walking path, trees, shrubs and sitting areas for those who want to cry about something on Facebook 😉

*Oh yeah…there is a low ass knee high rail spot directly across the street called Railex if you want to try out some new tricks before entering the park.


2 Responses to “New Skatepark In The Works For Ozone Park”

  1. Dope. I’ll go out there if you come outside.

  2. […] Queens will be home to a new skatepark this year in the Ozone park neighborhood. Tom Lipani snapped a quick photo of the building process during one of the many snowy days we’ve had this winter. The Queens Courier posted details on the newly built park over the summer saying, “It will be part of planned renovations to London Planetree Playground, officials said. The park will be bordered by Atlantic and 95th Avenues, and 88th and 89th Streets. The skate park will include sets of two-, three- and five-step stairs, grind rails, hubba ledges, a stamped brick quarter pipe and a series of banks and slopes, according to the Parks Department. When completed, this will be the sixth city-run skate park in Queens” – Terence M. Cullen, Queens Courier. Though the skatepark does look near completion already, it’s rumored to open during the fall season of 2013. Check out the plans for the completed park below. You can also read more about the park at ShutUpandSkate. […]

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