Lil Brian’s Day Of Play: Coleman Skatepark

I woke up to a beautiful NYC day filled with sunshine, light clouds and most importantly no humidity! So, once my son woke up I took him out for a day of play with his skates. We ended up going to Coleman Skatepark and here are a baker’s dozen worth of pics chronicling our day.

* Brian Jr. all strapped up and giving a thumbs up for rollerblading.

* Maintaining his balance with the pole while hiding in the shade. He gets shy at times.

* After an hour of working on the basics Brian Jr. took a break to play in the wood chips and found new entertainment with an abandoned tire.

* A tire + a hill = downhill tire rolling.

* You know I got to hand down the “Book Of Blading” to my son to carry the torch.

* Stefan Brandow came through to spend the day blading in NYC with the throwback |B| Unique & Co. steez.

* Middle finger salute from Jordan Baez while he gets the camera ready to capture some clips of Stefan.

* Lil B with SB and JB in a photo taken by LB.

* Brian’s failed planking attempt.

* Jordan playing back footage from a quick ledge session with Stefan.

* Stefan warming up with a Full Cab Back Torque pre-grab…and yes, the same trick with the grab will be in his upcoming edit so stay tuned!

* Brian Jr. lacing a Tipped Soul Stall.


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