Do You Want To Be A Part Of History?


Well, here’s your chance!!!

Reverse Sports a NEW & REVOLUTIONARY skate company is seeking to raise capital for packaging, tooling, and our first production run. Our goal is to raise $338,000 dollars.

With your support in donating a minimum of $100 dollars, in exchange we will give you a FREE pair of Limited Edition Reverse Skates and other free goods. If your interested in becoming a financial partner/owner, please contact us.

If you have any questions or concerns please email us at:

If you would like to donate via Paypal:
Email address:

Thank you for all your support and let’s make history happen together!

Reverse Sports Inc.
The Take Over – 2013


6 Responses to “Do You Want To Be A Part Of History?”

    • Hi Tee,

      I know you and everyone else will have a ton of questions, sorry, but I’m keeping this project under wraps. I’ll keep you all updated on our fund raising as well as product development.

      Some of you will ask when will you recevie skates and other free goods. Our goal is Summer 2013, but no later than September.

      Please note, our Team Management combined has over 70 years experience in the Action Sports Industry.

      If you have specific questions, send an e-mail to

      Thank you all and The Take Over is coming!!!

      Best Regards,
      Reverse Sports

  1. ryan timms Says:

    I’m excited for the idea of a new company..

    But who in their right mind is going to give away a minimum of $100 dollars with little to no details?
    I know you left a contact email, but there is no BASIC information givin about the company here.

  2. Have you guys seen the format for funding things? It might be a good idea to follow a similar format providing details, pictures and even videos of proposed projects and/or rewards for certain cash amounts. I know AJ had some form of success with it for Pariah. It would also be a great way to get non-rollerbladers involved too!

  3. Karen datugan Says:

    Honestly, i would love to know more about this whole $100.00 minimum ordeal. Is this a chance to invest enough to becomea owner or something like what Netflix or Walmart did to get started. I mean people will want to know if this is like gonna help support the community our just keep it to themselves like certain companies do ahem (K2, salmon, razor usd).
    Are you folks planning on giving back to us in competitions as far as prize money sponsorship?

  4. […] Click here to go to the Reverse website. More info on over here. […]

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