Respect to DaXsL.I.dE Productions

“The NYC Rollers” group page on Facebook currently has 398 Members. Out of the newest 25 Posts there are at least 12 with someone either selling or willing to buy something…

Clothes, cuffs, frames, liners, boots, shin guards and even drinks for the thirsty.

…cue in DaXsL.I.dE Productions. For the 4th time this year they have put together a Shop N Swap/Session to bring the scene closer together as well as setting up different meeting spots to help you get rid of your goods for rock bottom prices. This past Sunday, August 26th 2012 was the “Shop N Swap 4: End Of Summer Session” and the location was the new LES skatepark aka Coleman Skatepark.
My son Brian Jr. checking out what’s within his budget.

There was just about everything available for a Blader from boots to liners to frames to clothing and everything in between. Heck, I even got into the mix and traded a Valo tee for a Gost V-Neck (thanks Dave!).
Deals were in the works all day.

The session turned out fun as well. Many bladers showed up such as Frank D’Angelo, Tony Ferreira, Mal Ashby, Jash Ruiz, Cesar Macay, bladers from the ODNY crew and many more. A good turnout and a very enjoyable time. I look forward to seeing even more of these sessions next year so keep spreading the word and help keep our scene together like Voltron!

Fisher-Price skates for Remz? A swap could be in the future.



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  1. Thanks Brian!

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