BOX[ed] in w/ Gustavo Carcamo

If you have been blading for more than a decade and you resided in New York than you definitely remember my great friend Gustavo Carcamo. Gusto came back to NYC about a week ago to visit family and of course to strap on the dusty blades for an OG session at Coleman Skatepark with some of the original P62 crew (which includes myself, Ruben Perez, Joseph Fernandez and many more).

A little known fact about Gustavo Carcamo is that he was featured in a BOX magazine issue back in ’96 for winning a FREE week to Woodward for what he wrote about what rollerblading means to him. Here is his winning entry…

Besides reuniting with a very good friend of mine and blading together for a session after not blading with each other for years I also took the opportunity to give him the issue of BOX magazine that he was in since he no longer had it. Needless to say that his smile speaks for itself. It felt good presenting him with the issue that he was in over 16 years ago. Miss you Gusto! It was great seeing you and you definitely need to come back home more often. Peace and keep rolling Honduras!



2 Responses to “BOX[ed] in w/ Gustavo Carcamo”

  1. Thank you L.B. Good times.

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