Up & Coming All-Star: Pablo Munoz

Photo by Anthony Soto
Full Name: Pablo Munoz
Representing: Washington Heights
Age: 17
Years Skating: Almost 4 (started January 30 2009)
Skates:Razor Aragon 4’s
Frames: Kizer frames
Sponsors: My mom … just kidding NO SPONSORS.

Pablo Munoz is a breath of fresh air in any session no matter the terrain. He can pretty much skate anything and if it is new to him he’ll probably lace it in about 2-3 tries. Pablo also isn’t afraid to go big and blade outside of his comfort zone. I remember blading in the city and seeing a blader nearly completing the legendary Stuyvesant Kink…as i stopped in my tracks to look, it turned out to be Pablo Munoz.

Photo by Shardy Nieves

In his own words Pablo Munoz takes us back to how it all began…

“The first time I ever put a pair of rollerblades on my feet was a pair of recreational skates that my sister had just to ride around on. I learned in my house by riding back and forth until my mom told me to take it outside. Over the months I had an urge to try things like riding down the slides, jumping book bags and more due to the influence of the Tony Hawk Underground games. One day my boy came home with some aggressive skates and I was like “WHAT?!?!?”…I didn’t even know that they existed until then. I eventually sold my iPod, got some money off of my mom and bought a pair of Cult 6 skates in January 2009.”

Photo by Hillel Dlugacz
Pablo is on his way to becoming a big name in the NYC blading scene. He is a raw natural talent who isn’t discouraged by a few hard falls. And with fellow hammer dropping NYC legend Chauncey Jenkins as a mentor he is definitely in good hands. Keep an eye out for him in upcoming edits from the 5 boroughs. I’m sure you’ll see several Pablo hammers in there.

Photo by Edwin Ureña

PABLO MUNOZ: Kaltik & One Big Break Entry


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