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D-Millz: The Fatherhood, Mic Control & Blade Movement Interview

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D-Millz is a cool dude. He has a laidback vibe about him that is interesting since he is a very busy man. Including the arrival of his beautiful baby boy into this world he is also a aspiring MC and a tattoo artist. And when he needs to free his mind he finds the time to skate with some great ATL bladers. I wanted to find out a little more about him so we connected via email and mashed out this interview quickly.

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A Sunny Day In The Winter Slumber

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20130314-202109.jpgAfter suffering in the frigid 30’s of NYC temperature for the past month a break finally came in the weather and the mercury went up to a nice 50 degrees. With the blue skies penetrating the pillows of clouds and the sun shining down from the negative spaces my son and I took a trip to the city to meet up with some friends to defrost our wheels. Here are a few random pics and distracting captions from our day.

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