A Sunny Day In The Winter Slumber

20130314-202109.jpgAfter suffering in the frigid 30’s of NYC temperature for the past month a break finally came in the weather and the mercury went up to a nice 50 degrees. With the blue skies penetrating the pillows of clouds and the sun shining down from the negative spaces my son and I took a trip to the city to meet up with some friends to defrost our wheels. Here are a few random pics and distracting captions from our day.

The sun was too much even for Little Brian and his helmet with the sun visor.

My little brother Gregory Preston on the East Coast enjoying NYC.

Gregory eyeing his next shot.

Little Brian finally in some shade but with the same sun-face and a cameo of my finger on the bottom right.

Drew Humphrey, the Daniel Bryan of rollerblading.

The beard garners its own sunlight. Respect the beard.

The angle seems right to Mr. Preston.

“Daddy I’m tired, I don’t want to skate anymore” he says.

Mal Ashby getting in the zone before he clips up.


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