D-Millz: The Fatherhood, Mic Control & Blade Movement Interview

D-Millz is a cool dude. He has a laidback vibe about him that is interesting since he is a very busy man. Including the arrival of his beautiful baby boy into this world he is also a aspiring MC and a tattoo artist. And when he needs to free his mind he finds the time to skate with some great ATL bladers. I wanted to find out a little more about him so we connected via email and mashed out this interview quickly.

SUAS: I definitely want to congratulate you on your induction into parenthood with the birth of your son! How is the transition to fatherhood so far?
Thanks a lot! The transition into fatherhood has been pretty dope I must admit. In my honest opinion, being a parent doesn’t get the praise I feel it deserves, particularly amongst my generation. It grows you up quick but its pretty cool how much of parenting is instinctive. I believe most people are just unwilling to give up the lives they are living to do better for their kids. I am very lucky to have a great woman by my side that puts being “Mom” before anything else. Teamwork is vital.

SUAS: Indeed it is a beautiful thing. Currently, you blade, create music and raise your son all within the confines of a 24 hour day. How do you divide your time between everything that you need to do?
It’s simple, you just never ever EVER sleep again! Lol just kidding. Well, naturally being Dad comes first. I really don’t sleep a whole bunch as it is but with a 5 month old I wouldn’t really be able to anyway. I’m always coming up with rhymes and ideas for songs throughout the day so I usually just jot them down in my phone but I’m most creative between about 1am-5am so that’s when I write a lot of my music. When it comes to blading, I try to skate at least twice a week, more when the weather warms up. I need that for my sanity. Just depends on if I’m working or doing tats or something.

SUAS: And what is the job that you currently do that keeps your fridge stocked up?
Well, until this past Thursday I was a server at Pappadeaux Seafood Kitchen for the last 3yrs. I got fired for saying “Bullsh*t.” Bullsh*t right? Had I known that was coming I would have hit them with a Kevin Hart response and flapped my vest on the way out. So, for now I’m just tattooing until I find something else, unless someone wants to come pay me to do this music.
SUAS: That’s BULLSHIT for real. Either way, you are a talented person with many hats that you wear. Added to everything else, being a tattoo artist as well. What made you become a practitioner of the art on the flesh?
Well, I’ve just always been big into art ever since I was about 4 or 5, maybe even younger. I’ve always drawn a lot, taken art classes in school and even at Georgia State for a bit. I’ve been tattooing for about 3 years now. I’ve always found tattoos interesting so it was just one of those things I kind of just naturally fell into. I’m actually working on my own sleeve little by little.

SUAS: Hopefully, the next time I see you we can start on mine! You recently dropped a new mix tape as well and it has received great feedback so congratulations on that too. How long have you been creating music and what are some of your goals for your career this year?
Yea, most definitely my man I got you! But thanks a lot! Yea, I released a project called L.U.N.A. that I will admit I’m pretty proud of. It was pretty personal to me so I greatly appreciate all the support I’ve received from it. I’ve been doing music for about 4yrs now but I always grew up around it. Both of my parents sing. This year I hope to just expand my fan base and possibly do some more shows. I love to perform because I can really let loose. Aside from that I’m just trying to stay consistent.

SUAS: I also love the fact that you are not shy to promote blading in your music and videos. When will we be able to hear some of your work in some blading DVDs?…any upcoming collaborations with other MC’s who happen to blade such as J-Bah, Fetty, Yuck Yuckem or Dillon Cooper?
Yea man, I do like to reference blading in my music (something I catch a lot of grief for because I’m not the best Blader in the world.) It’s truly because I try to keep my music honest ya know? I just happen to talk about skating a lot in real life. I feel like if I still rollerbladed in another life but painted instead, nobody would talk shit about me painting Rollerblading pictures ya know? But that’s just the stigma that comes with being a music artist, especially one that raps as well. I hope to get some of my tunes in some of these skate edits and DVD’s soon. Just waiting on someone interested enough in the music to want to use it.

As far as collaborations go, J Bah, thats like my big bro so we’ll probably always do music together. Fetty and Franky are the homies too and are dope so I definitely plan on doing more work with them in the near future. Man, that Dillon Cooper kid is really dope and I think he’s really good for our sport as well. We’ve chopped it up a bit about some possible work but he’s a busy dude so hopefully somewhere down the road we can make time to get something on wax! I love collaborative work so if there’s any other good artists out there hit me up!
SUAS: No need to worry about being the best in blading…there is no best. Do it for the love and the love will do the rest. And on the topic of blading, you are in the middle of a great scene! How long have you’ve been blading and who are some of the new blood representing the ATL scene?
I’ve been skating for about 4yrs now. I wish I would have started younger when I actually had time to invest in stuff. Around Atlanta I usually skate with homies from around my old neighborhood. My boys Mathew and Stephen Andersen are dope! My little brother, J Bah. I see Sizemore around here and there. Will Powell. A few others. Atlanta has a few dope guys out here.

SUAS: 4 years strong you mean! What is your current skate set-up that you attack the streets with?
Sean Kelso USD Carbon II, GC FS frames with some orange M1 dual core wheels.

SUAS: I didn’t get a chance to ask you before but how did you enjoy your 1st trip to NYC last year for the NYC Street Invitational?
Man oh man! NY is definitely a dope ass city. Being from Atlanta I’m not unfamiliar with city life but NY is a totally different machine but I dig it for sure. I definitely plan on taking another trip up there. We should get a good roll in. (Readers, interpret that how you may.) But the invitational was sick. Shoutout to Fish for putting that together and one time for the people I met up there.
SUAS: New York City is a daily adventure and if it’s your first time here you will definitely leave culture shocked. List 5 things that you experienced in NYC that you will never forget?
Hmm..let me see if I can narrow this down to 5

#1 Let me first make sure I don’t forget to list that bomb ass slice of pizza I got for just $1! Definition of clutch.

#2 Being on the 44th floor of the Double Tree Hotel watching Children of the Future months before the release fresh off of E-Rod’s computer with J-Bah, Stefan Brandow (that’s my dude! Im trying to get him in a video one day! So if you see this Stef!) Prince Aragon, the homie Sam and Greg from Tri-State Skate. That still feels like a dream

#3 Smokin’ medicinal Cali bud on Wall Street wit the crew! Shoutout to E-Rod again! Lol! Hope I’m not being a bad role model but Cali demanded my respect that night! Followed by the hunt for the infamous “Nutcracker” lol! The people who buy those should get little trophies. A little nutty figurine or something at least for sheer bravery.

#4 The scene entering the park for the comp was pretty epic! Never seen that many bladers in one spot. It was empowering. No beef. Good vibes. Shit was awesome!

#5 Dislocating my shoulder again right in front of Aragon. Probably should have been really embarrassing but the look homie had on his face was priceless. He looked like this O_O lol. That’s the homie man! He ain’t leave ya boy stranded though so shoutout to him for that. Congrats on the new skate bro!

There was definitely much more to list but I’m cool with that 5. Definitely a Bomb trip though!

SUAS: Priceless memories haha! Glad my city treated you well…besides that shoulder dislocation. Let’s wind this down with your views on the blading scene as of late.
I think the essense of the sport is always gonna be dope. People are getting better and better too it’s almost scary. I feel like its kind of bittersweet though. Part of what draws us to it is the brotherhood it creates with it being such an underground sport yet we wanna see it grow at the same time. People are always gonna hate on us. I kind of like that part about it. The underdog, ya know? I feel like within the culture there’s a lot of hidden hate. I see it on like Rollernews a lot. Not bashing them. They’re just the host for good skate info and dope vids. It’s the people using that site to leave dumbass comments or talk about how this skater and that skater suck, that’s effin’ us up. Bladers don’t bash each other when we meet in the street. It’s all love! Come crash at my crib. Well, these are the same homies we would have made just on the computer.

We gotta hold each other down and embrace each others lives outside of skating as well because as my brothers I want you guys to be happy at home and making money, exploring new hobbies, all that good stuff. Rollerblading is like our fraternity in a sense. Let’s use that common love to help each other progress other places too. But anyway that’s enough preaching. Lol. I just want to see the sport get the respect it deserves. There’s a lot of dope skating going on though so I have a good feeling things are going to continue to look up. (Sorry if there are any typographical errors, I start typing fast when I get all passionate! Lol!)

SUAS: And with that being said lets close-out with any last words or shout-outs.
Shoutout to you first of all! Preciate you taking the time to do this with me. All the homies out there blading. J Bah, Franky, RJ, E-Rod, Brian, Montre, Stefan, Sam “Flea” Williams, Twitch, Jonezy, everybody I do music with, Instagram for making my life look cool, and any blade sponsors that wanna put together a blading/music tour and get something poppin! Much respect B. Stay up my brother. Stay up everybody out there. Keep blading!


L.U.N.A. Mixtapehttp://www.datpiff.com/D-Millz-Luna-mixtape.438405.html


Twitter: @dmillzmusiq


2 Responses to “D-Millz: The Fatherhood, Mic Control & Blade Movement Interview”

  1. Great interview son. Really love your articulation and the passion you expressed for all areas of your life. I think I’m gonna need to get that soap for your mouth though. LOL!! Keep up the great work. I love you more than life and am the proudest father ever. God’s continued blessings to you….. D-Millz, Sr. (aka Dad) 🙂 ❤

  2. Keep doing your thing D!

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