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Roll In Peace Kanuf Nagi

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This morning I found out that NYC Legend Kanuf Nagi went on to be with the Lord. It is one of those instances where you wish you had more time with that person. I bumped into him here and there and it was always great catching up while reminiscing on good times past. Kanuf was a huge influence on me when I first started blading. I used to only skate street but seeing him kill the ramps at Mullaly’s was inspiring. He definitely helped bring big air with style to NYC blading. And off of skates he was a caring and funny person. One of my favorite memories of Kanuf was when I worked at Chelsea Piers Skatepark and Kanuf rolled through with fresh skates with a big smile on his face since he started blading again after a hiatus. Included above is his clips in the classic “No Limits”. Kanuf’s clips start at 1:47.

Legends Never Die!


Introducing Fab Five Friday!

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Just decided to add a new category to ShutupandSKATE so I’ll be the initial guinea pig to test drive it. Enjoy!

Top 5 Things Most People Don’t Know About You:
– I freestyle everyday to random beats on my iPod.
– I am a huge Bjork fan.
– I am a shy person.
– I walk miles in the city for the fun of it.
– When I first saw rollerblading I thought it was dumb…until I tried it.

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Beats, Rhymes & Life: D-Millz “4illa Pt.1” feat. Prince Bernard

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D-Millz always represents for us Bladers on the mic and in the video. Check out the newest video from D-Millz “4illa Pt. 1” off of the L.U.N.A. mixtape.


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Myself, Lil Brian & Erick Rodriguez was captured by the lens of Anthony Soto while crossing a street in SOHO, NYC.