Introducing Fab Five Friday!

Just decided to add a new category to ShutupandSKATE so I’ll be the initial guinea pig to test drive it. Enjoy!

Top 5 Things Most People Don’t Know About You:
– I freestyle everyday to random beats on my iPod.
– I am a huge Bjork fan.
– I am a shy person.
– I walk miles in the city for the fun of it.
– When I first saw rollerblading I thought it was dumb…until I tried it.

Top 5 Albums That Are In Current Rotation On Your iPod:
– Tyler The Creator “Wolf”
– Sean Price “Mic Tyson”
– Vinny Cha$e & Kid Art “Golden Army”
– Frank Ocean “Channel Orange”
– MF DOOM “Mmm Food”

Top 5 Things About Being A New Yorker:
– You can be broke and still have an amazing day on the kindness of others.
– $1.00 slice pizza places popping up all over.
– You don’t need to own a car in order to travel.
– Hidden gems in every borough.
– Just open your eyes and look around and you’ll be entertained by the randomness of people for hours.

Top 5 Things To Do When Your Not Blading:
– Spend the day in the city with my son.
– Take over the city with my baby Denean.
– Cook up delicious meals for my family.
– Walk around in Barnes & Nobles looking for my next literary adventure.
– Turn up the music in my iPod and walk around NYC until my feet tap out.

Top 5 Things That You Are Currently Excited About In Blading:
– The rise of the New NYC Blading scene.
– The goodies that Reverse Sports are about to come out with.
– The Create Originals CRS frame.
– The emergence of females strapping on the blades and killing it. It’s been a sausagefest for too many years.
– Being able to blade again after overcoming serious lingering injuries.


6 Responses to “Introducing Fab Five Friday!”

  1. Rod L. Short Says:

    Cool feature, Brian. Dig it!
    Need some NYC representation at JSMS this year. Here’s my personal invite to you and please, make sure all the NYC bladers know about it. (Saturday, August 24th)
    As to you appreciating the Lady bladers (The Bladies), I have been supporting this movement for a long time. I truely beieve getting more Ladies involved will help secure the future growth of blading. I’ve been a supporter of Chynna’s for quite a while and am wholeheartedly supporting the whole Bladies group!

    • Thank you Rod! I still need to get it together and pick up a James tee in a size L. I got to represent my boy. Can you send me your email so I can help promote it.

  2. Like the concept. And the shirt…

  3. Rod L. Short Says:

    I see that Stefan Brandow creation you’re wearing! Ha!

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