Gone Too Soon: Alex Nunez

I will never forget the feeling of shock that was in my heart upon hearing of the passing of my brother Alex Nunez several days ago. I am still in denial over this and I’m replaying over and over in my mind the last time that I had seen him which was a short while ago. Recently, me and my brother Sam Williams had lunch with my little boy and Alex’s name came up since I had asked how he was doing. During our conversation I became aware of some personal things that Alex was dealing with but never would I have imagined that he would be gone before I got the chance to see him again and offer him my shoulder to lean on if he didn’t already know that he already had it. Life is way too short and this tragic occurrence is proof of it. Hug the ones you love and try to take a few minutes out of each day to contact a friend that you may not have spoken to in awhile. It will go a long way believe me. Call, text, instant message, FB message, FB chat, email…with all of this technology at hand we can check up on each other. You never what someone may be going through in the confines of their privacy. Send a smile or a simple hello. Make their day.

ALEX NUNEZ Memorial Session Info

When: Sunday, July 21st at Noon.
Where: Maloof Skatepark in Flushing, Queens
Donations will be accepted and put towards funeral costs and bracelets in Alex’s memory will be sold for only $5 as well.



8 Responses to “Gone Too Soon: Alex Nunez”

  1. It’s a sad day. This is one of my fav guys. I’ve hung with him a few times out here but more importantly he took great pics for daily bread back in the day that made me want to do do rails and gain balance control. Another soldier gone, but never forgotten.

  2. […] Brian wrote about his friend Alex Nunez. A memorial session is planned Sunday, July 21st at Noon Maloof Skatepark in Flushing, Queens). […]

  3. Parnell Tsai Says:

    Wish I could be there for Alex. I remember the first time I watched a rollerblading video of him, a B Unique video I guess, he blew me away and made me want to get a pair of blades myself. He’s definitely one of the reasons why I blade. You will never be forgotten. My condolences to his family, friends and the rollerblading community up there. The rollerblading community here in the Philippines is saddened by what happened to him, but his presence will forever be in our hearts. Yes, another soldier lost, but he was a damn good soldier! Our props to you Alex Nunez, you will forever be remembered.

  4. rollashizu Says:


  5. First I want to say how sad I am to hear this news ! I grew up seeing Alex In bunique videos and always felt so much admiration and respect for the great style and passion he showed through his rolling !! I never met him or rolled with him but i am deeply saddened by his passing! My love, support, and condolences go out to all his family and friends that loved and skated with him !! I totaly agree with the article on this page , we must always love and apreciate each one of our friends and family each day like if it was our last with them . love, laugh and forgive, each day more and more so that we can make the most of the time we have together . I read this article on jw.org and found it very comforting ! Hope it comforts others as well !!! We will skate together with Alex again !!!


  6. i’m from germany and one of my biggest dreams was since the second b.unique dvd 1131 that i’m traveling to new york and go skating with alex! he was a real idol for me in all i’ve seen from him. know i’m really really sad and speechless. i hope you can read this alex! you’ll never forget!!! now R.I.P.!!!

  7. R.I.P. one of the most influental NYC skaters to date. I had a pleasure to meet Alex through Arsenio P. back in the day and it was a huge boost to my skating overall. The news was just shocking to everyone here in Poland – he will never be forgotten.

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