Fab 5IVE Friday w/ Gregory Preston

Back in the states and straight from the suburbs of Bixby Knolls is Long Beach’s very own Gregory Preston in the S.U.A.S. hot seat for the latest installment of Fab 5IVE Friday!

5IVE of your favorite places that you have visited and skated:
– Copenhagen
– Lausanne
– Paris
– Buffalo

5IVE albums that are in current rotation on your iPod:
– Smif-N-Wesson “Da Shinin'”
– Wu-Tang Clan “Enter The 36 Chambers”
– Iron Curtain “Desertion 1982-1988”
– Cinematic Orchestra “Motion”
– Quasimoto “The Unseen”


5IVE of your favorite things about living in Long Beach:
– Cool blade scene
– Weather
– Diversity
– Home

5IVE of your favorite things to do when you’re not blading:
– Film
– Photography
– Conversate
– Think about blading
– BDC Roast Sessions

5IVE of your favorite sections that you have recently watched:
– Gav Drumm “Valo 5”
– Kevin Yee “Deal With It TV Profile”
– Andrew Nemiroski “Rides Adapt”
– Patrick Ridder “Short Prid Flick”
– Jonas Hansson “Between The Walls Edit”

Through Gregory Preston’s Eyes Edit


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