ASK LB Part 6!


I had forgotten my password to my ShutupandSKATE email and when I finally remembered it I found some questions and responses that some of you have left me…so I finally answered several of my favorite ones.

*Some questions have been edited for grammar purposes 😉

Question 1: Why did you move back to California? Scratch that…Why do you keep moving from Coast to Coast?
I moved back to Cali because I put my family first and we wanted to raise our son in a place where I can provide for them a bit better than in NYC where I was in a dark phase for the last 3 years that I was there. Don’t get me wrong though, I LOVE New York but I wasn’t in the right place mentally, spiritually and physically while I was there.

I keep moving from Coast to Coast because my heart is in NYC but Cali has grown to become my home as well.

Question 2: Who has the best Tacos/Burritos, Cali or New York?
No competition there…Cali won this one easily. I love my Taco Tuesdays where I buy a bulk of them for .65 cents each! And for my burrito fix I tend to go to Taco El Unico. Sorry New York…no hard feelings right?

Question 3: Name 5 of your favorite Non-Blading websites that you go to daily.
…random haha but here it goes.
1. so I can keep up with everything going on in my hometown.
2. since they have some of the most entertaining random videos that keep me laughing.
3. so I can keep an eye out on the newest underground hip-hop releases.
4. to check out what’s going on in the world of MMA.
5. to keep in contact with my blading fam from around the world.

Question 4: What is your current favorite edit/section?
There are a bunch that come to mind but my favorite at the moment is the Andrew Nemo Rides Adapt edit. Andrew killed it!

Question 5: Favorite Pro blader?
Anyone who became Pro based purely off of skills not because your boy started a company and decided to put you on.

Question 6: When is the next SUAS Contest?
Thanks for reminding me haha. I will get to it soon I promise!


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