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“Go 4th” Official Trailer 2

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My Thoughts On My JC Rowe 2.0 Custom Skate (JC Rowe 1.5?)

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In all honesty my feelings regarding the Xsjado brand has been what you can call “Love/Hate”. After several years of riding 3 different models with the 3rd being my current JC Rowe setup I can finally say that I am liking them much more now then I have before…and all it took was a slight customization to reach my personal satisfaction with my blades. Stemming from an idea from my good friend Jorge Gonzalez and a few moments of my time with his assistance, my blades transformed in the JC Rowe 2.0 Custom Skate…(or JC Rowe 1.5) since I opted to stay with the original cuffs. I have tried the Xsjado’s with the 2.0 cuff at Long Beach Roller Sports ( and they felt a bit high in my opinion so I’m sticking to what works for me…just a personal preference.

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