My Thoughts On My JC Rowe 2.0 Custom Skate (JC Rowe 1.5?)

In all honesty my feelings regarding the Xsjado brand has been what you can call “Love/Hate”. After several years of riding 3 different models with the 3rd being my current JC Rowe setup I can finally say that I am liking them much more now then I have before…and all it took was a slight customization to reach my personal satisfaction with my blades. Stemming from an idea from my good friend Jorge Gonzalez and a few moments of my time with his assistance, my blades transformed in the JC Rowe 2.0 Custom Skate…(or JC Rowe 1.5) since I opted to stay with the original cuffs. I have tried the Xsjado’s with the 2.0 cuff at Long Beach Roller Sports ( and they felt a bit high in my opinion so I’m sticking to what works for me…just a personal preference.

(The negative space around the foorwrap is near non-existent in the new souls.)

I absolutely hated the extra space around the front of my foot with the original soul plates. It looked ridiculous and did nothing but make my Xsjado wraps look too small for the shells. I am a size 10 and I’m riding a size Large shell so that could have contributed to the extra spacing since I’ve heard that a better riding experience would be if I downsized to a smaller shell with my size 10 foot wrap for a more snug feel. Also, because of the extra space in a squared-off soul I didn’t feel great control at all. My blades mostly felt bulky and clunky. Enter the 2.0 Souls…

(JC Rowe toe steps and oval padding fit just fine with minor modification.)

The first order of business was taking off the original soul plates and installing the 2.0 souls which was a breeze since they are compatible with the older Xsjado models…thank you for that. Next step was adding the toe straps and that was a slight speed bump but easy to overcome since Jorge showed me how to simply take of the metal support on the JC straps with my bare hands backed by slight force. I just had to do an overlap with the strap and it works perfectly fine. I would have bought the 2.0 straps but after making a few calls I got the message that there weren’t any available in the U.S. for the time being…what a joke. I don’t have the patience or shipping money to order a simple piece located continents away….sorry.

(The rounded souls created with less soul space but work even better…less is more.)

The aftermath turned out well. The 2.0 souls fit way more snug with the closer cut and rounded off edge. The 2.0’s are noticeably lighter too which is cool by me. They are a bit smaller than the previous soul which is not a problem at all but they slide fast on every trick which I love. Soul tricks are locked with ease with an amazingly comfortable and fast slide and boot tricks are even smoother than before. I blade both street and park…well, I try to anyways haha and the overall performance of a simple mod such as an updated soul replacement has made a big difference. Now, I can say that I am comfortable with my blades. As for the toe strap, they are flawless. All I did extra was cut-off the overhang of the JC toe straps so that they don’t hang over.

(Great flush boot groove slides beautifully on everything.)

All in all, I’m happy with my current setup and I encourage anyone who is unhappy with their current blades to not give up on them. The technology is out there to pretty much mod every and any skate out there. All it requires is a little bit of time and imagination.


3 Responses to “My Thoughts On My JC Rowe 2.0 Custom Skate (JC Rowe 1.5?)”

  1. what soulplate size did you used?

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