Company Spotlight: Sk8r4Life

A new lifestyle company based out of Long Island, New York is making its presence felt beyond the 5 boroughs. They are way more than just another hat and tee company. What I discovered was a company with a deep rooted passion for blading and the desire to do positive things for our community and beyond.

The Black Flower5 hat.

SUAS: For those not in the know or have the wrong idea of what the company is all about, what exactly is Sk8r4Life?
Sk8r4Life isn’t just a name or a product, it’s a lifestyle. And I hope people will begin to see it as that. Originally, Sk8r4Life began as a clothing company. At its roots, Inline Designed & Inspired Clothing is what it will always be, “Threads to Shred”. However, S4L has developed into something more and I hope that positive progress continues. I have started a website and online shop (, as well as increased the selection of original Sk8r4Life products available with more on the way. And if support continues I plan to begin wheel production ASAP, but it really depends on the continued support from our community. I would also like to be known as a company that ‘gives back’ to the Sk8rs and the Sk8 community as much as possible. That’s why I sponsor as many comps/events as I can.

SUAS: That is awesome, I feel the passion in your words and I’m excited watching S4L grow into a full on lifestyle, which blading is for all of us. And, I definitely noticed seeing S4L on many flyers & websites as an event sponsor as well. Are there any plans for a official Sk8r4Life comp and/or sessions in the future?
Oh, Definitely! Always down for a session! Hahaha…Also, I am in the process of planning :
Blade-o de Mayo
May 31st in NYC
$500 Winner Takes All!! (So far….) More Prizes in the Works!
I am having some small issues with the planning at the moment, but have big plans for this event. And if even most of what I plan goes down…this will be a HUGE event in the future! Watch.

SUAS: NYC definitely needs some more big comps so that is a major plus. And I noticed what you snuck in your answer for the 1st question…WHEELS too? Now that is dope! People tend to cry “not another wheel company”, but I’m biased since a wheel company based out of New York is a rarity in our sport. Can you give a little insight into anything special about your wheels to give the masses something to look forward to?
Man, so much to live up to already! lol. Yes, I plan on producing wheels. It will happen. But I can’t give you an exact time frame on their production. Again, If more of my S4L inventory starts to sell…. BUY A HAT PEOPLE! (LoL) S4L Wheels will come. I want to be able to produce a good quality wheel for a GREAT price. So, I also need to do some more research before I really get into production.

Blade-O De Mayo flyer…Come out and support!

SUAS: In order to uncloak the dedicated minds behind it, who are involved in this up & coming NYC based company?
(LOL. I wish I could claim I am a true NYC company. I am located in Long Island at the moment. However, a shop in NYC is truly a future dream.)
Sk8r4Life is the brainchild of myself, Matt Kircheim. However, I always enjoy ideas, inspiration, and information from anyone I meet or any experience I enjoy. And I am always looking to expand.

SUAS: No worries, Long Island is still NYC…just further out East. How has the local blading community accepted S4L so far?
So far it is a mix. I think in the past few months a lot more of the community has gotten to know me through my social networking, contest sponsorship, and just being out there blading and that has REALLY helped. I have to say, New York is a tough scene. But the more time I spend out there the more the love is growing.

SUAS: Will there be any sponsorship opportunities developing in the future for bladers to represent Sk8r4Life?
Right now, I have 3 sponsored/friends riding for the company. It’s not the most glamorous sponsoring, but I try my best to support riders and the entire rolling scene. And these guys have become a huge part of S4L. Michael Horbatiuk, Nick O’Leary and Junyur Fernandaz are all good dudes, good sk8rs and even better friends. I am lucky to have theses guys around. And YES, I hope to increase and fine tune the S4L family…I hope that’s soon so I can really put a face (besides mine) to the brand and get some money to my riders.

Company owner Matt Kircheim in the “Laced Up” long sleeve.

SUAS: To backtrack a little bit, what do you have in the works for the new website?
The website is very basic and honestly a bit of a waste. I would like to get more people to visit and shop there, but I need to upgrade a little and get the word out a little better. I want to add a Sk8Park-Sk8Spot page, add videos & photos, and add ANYTHING I can that relates to Sk8r4Life and the brand, plus anything I can that will positively promote out sport. However, It’s tough running all aspects of the business on my own. But I am trying.

SUAS: What can we expect from S4L in the future?
That is a great question! Expect some of the same…but also expect a lot MORE! I will continue to support our sport through product give aways, contest support & promotions, and I will continue to try and bring us together as a community. At the same time I plan on really giving back to rollerblading and our world as a whole. 4Life is not just a phrase..I want to eventually donate proceeds to certain non-profit charity organizations.

After losing my younger brother, who was one of my biggest supporters and best sk8 partner, to an overdose 3 years ago my views on life and rollerblading have definitely changed. I would never wish what happend to me and my family on anyone. And that’s why I want to support. If I can help even one person, especially through rolling, I will feel like I have done my part to return the love I have for my brother and rolling back to the world.

SUAS: I know you’ll do amazing work in his honor. Any last words or shout-outs?
I have to thank my Parents first and foremost. Through all the years of blade parties, rail/ramp building, the half pipe in the side yard and just for generally putting up with me. They have always just supported me in what I love and I could never ask for anything more. Second, I need to thank my brother Mike (RIP) for being the tech to my sk8 style and honestly being the catalyst for my Sk8 passion. Thank You Steph, my Awesome Girlfriend, for the huge support and always sitting in my booth selling. Thank You Lord Brian for the interview time! I have to Thank the Sk8r4Life Crew and all of my supporters. Every day I look forward to more Sk8 sessions, pictures, clips, posts, tweets, and what ever anyone sends me that involves Sk8r4Life. The smiles are more support for me to push harder for our sport and try and help bring it to the next generation.
Lastly, To everyone who has ever bought a Sk8r4Life Product….

Steph representing The Bladies with her S4L Bladies Midnight tank.

Matt lacing a Top Acid down the box at Oil City Skatepark.


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