The 5W’s w/ Themxniggas


By now every blader has been checking their Instagram accounts constantly in the anticipation of a new post by the funniest group of bladers out there…they go simply by the name “Themxniggas”. I’ve been sworn to secrecy on their identities but they did agree to take a few moments out of the hood to answer my 5W’s.

SUAS: First off, WHO the fuck are you niggas?
Dont trip, we themxniggas the x is silent ya feel me, born in raised in So-Cal.

SUAS: You’ve been referencing JJ in a few of your roasts so WHAT is up with your Jon Julio Topsoul obsession?
Real talk anything with JJ ain’t even a roast it’s a blessing, JJ is a bl8god, niggas be believing in polytheism and shit, and aint NOObody fukin with his topsouls, that shit is so steezed makin niggas cry in the hood.


SUAS: WHEN is Themxniggas going to take things to another level i.e. Official Facebook Page, edit, stickers?
You know niggas ain’t got no money, but we goin to Summerclash lol, came up on a game of craps at the park, dice game strong. Maybe we’ll make something sometime in the future if the homies stop simpin with they wifeys all day and hit the streets wit the boys for once.

SUAS: Being from the ‘hood where it’s not safe to be blader, WHERE do you skate at to not be harassed by the community?
Hell naw we safe, we run that shit, the cops is og bladers from back in the day so we got the hood pass all around you feel me. If anybody be trippin we check ’em then they wana be cool wit u, that’s how it always is.


SUAS: WHY do you feel it’s important to bring blading to the ‘hood?
Blading in the ghetto is fun as fuck, ghetto people are always hyped on our shit, more importantly they just be like ayyyye yo skates look like some Jordan’s! Most the time that’s all they care about lol, they wit it 100 doe. I mean there’s always some sketchy niggas here and there but what you expect. I mean getting anyone to blade is important, that’s why everytime we skate we try to come correct cus when they watch they’re judging blading as a whole from what we’re doing. First impressions count my nig.

SUAS: You guys be roasting people on the regular with your impressive Photoshop skills and street wit, HOW do you go about picking your victims?
Appreciate that my nig, honestly we been doin this since we started blading but just verbally you feel me, until niggas got laptops then it was on! Haha victims! Umm honestly it just comes up, we’ll be like yooo lowkey Lord Brian is the morpheous of rollerblading, that ol’ matrix ass nigga, givin the homies wisdom and shit, and just build on that til we get ideas into a image which we do on the daily. But we ain’t fronting we weak on the photoshop skills it looks good cus its small on instagram.





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