“Master Splinter” Review

In a blading world that is filling up rapidly with VOD sections there is a hidden gem that recently dropped with a “FREE” to view price tag that is putting others to shame. Jeremy Soderburg & Gregory Preston share with you their visual gift comprised of a passion for the sport that is refreshing as well as inspiring. “Master Splinter” is the title and there is enough Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle action in here to satisfy the little kid in all of our souls. I dare you to watch this and not be motivated to go out and shred outside of your comfort zone. Let’s dig in!

To switch things up a bit I will not talk about the Montages since we all know that Montages are usually packed with a who’s who of the blading scene killing it at every spot so I’ll stick to the rider sections in this review instead. Besides, all the tricks laced in these Montages easily speak for themselves anyways.

Chris Calkins
At one point Chris Calkins was blading “Stronger Than Ever” but ever since then he is now blading “Better Than Ever”…especially on his custom Salomon’s. He shreds…PERIOD. I think I spent as much time looking at his Salos as I did on all the tricks he laced since it has been a long time since anybody dropped a great section while shredding in Salomon’s. Chris is hungry for some reason and only blading can satisfy him.


Michael Obedoza/Anthony Gallegos
A shared section by Obedoza & Gallegos is impressive. Mike Obedoza is not one to sleep on. His smile is evident of the happiness that blading brings to him but I feel that he gets overlooked due to his upbeat demeanor. His blading here though is pretty damn good and easily shows that his passion for blading is still there and burning strong. “The Human Clip Machine” Anthony Gallegos needs no words to describe what he does so easily. Just watch, learn and think about how many of these tricks were done when he wasn’t even blading as much as he used to. Too bad he is blading even more now because he’s about to kill the game this year.

Daniel Rosado
I love seeing local bladers who absolutely destroy spots as good as some of the big name bladers who’s usually featured in almost every video. That is Daniel Rosado. One of the most humble beings that I’ve met with blades on his feet. He put out an amazing section that will instantly put his name out there for 2015. And from what I just noticed he possesses that rare talent of landing very solid after his tricks whether it’s fakie or even a spin out. That my friends shows dedication to every trick from beginning to end.

Gregory Preston
“Applesauce” or “International Lovetoast” which is what I call him these days dropped his best collection of clips to date. He did not hold back at all in here. It easily ranks as one of my personal favorites in the video. Gregory’s growth as a blader is incredible to watch. Eventhough he has developed a love for filming he hasn’t put his blading to the side at all and it will shock you to see how much creativity is packed into his section. I’m Mc Lovin’ it.

Jeremy Soderburg
Jeremy Soderburg has a lineage of blading sections that would make a majority of “Pros” re-evaluate their careers. Add another one to that list with this one. Jeremy is timeless. He’s been around for awhile and just like Franky he seems to only get better with each and every release. Jeremy somehow managed to master Fastslides on everything too. It’s crazy seeing it and add that to a trick vocab that is endless and you’ll see what all the hype is about. Oh yeah, he mastered Negatives too…on those small Carbon souls somehow. Wtf? This is full of consistent blading from one of the most consistent bladers out there. JBurg is a beast.

Steven Cortes
Steven is a secret weapon in every session. Just when you thought the spot has been killed Mr. Cortes quietly refries it. He is dangerously good on the scariest of terrain. Steven displays a great control on his blades with smooth switch-ups, alongside tricks with the ever so important grabs. He is compact in size but his blading speaks volumes. Another great representation of a blader who’s name should be out there way more and it will with this section.

Final Verdict
It’s FREE you cheap assholes so there’s no reason not to watch it and spread the link around to every blader that you have on your Facebook friends list 🙂 And afterwards, be nice and thank Jeremy & Greg for this gift that they blessed the game with. It’s very rare to find any videos out there that contains personality and laughs like this one.

– Montage 1
– Chris Calkins
– Mike Obedoza/Anthony Gallegos
– Daniel Rosado
– Montage 2
– Gregory Preston
– Jeremy Soderburg
– Steven Cortes
– Montage 3



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  2. g squeeze Says:

    yooo dope review!

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