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The 5W’s w/ Themxniggas

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By now every blader has been checking their Instagram accounts constantly in the anticipation of a new post by the funniest group of bladers out there…they go simply by the name “Themxniggas”. I’ve been sworn to secrecy on their identities but they did agree to take a few moments out of the hood to answer my 5W’s.

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The 5W’s w/ Brian Krans

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Photo by Bruce Bales

Brian Krans is a badass with a typewriter. I was lucky enough to snag both of his previous novels “A Constant Suicide” and “Freeze Tag On The Highway” at the same time when we met at Billy O’ Neill’s NYC Invitational. Both of these novels I instantly recommend when asked what I books am I reading. He also has a badass website Blade Or Die ( that everybody should be aware of by now. On the road to a big promotional push for his newest novel “Assualt Rifles & Pedophiles: An American Love Story” Brian took the time out to give awesome answers to the 5W’s that I sent over to him. Thanks again Mr. Krans!
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The 5w’s w/ Craig Benabu

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Craig Benabu’s 5W’s is a great read and I hope that it lights a fire under NYC’s collective asses. I sent over my questions and he provided me with thorough answers making this my favorite 5W’s thus far. Thank you Craig for being honest and telling it like it is.
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The 5W’s with Vinny Minton

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          Vinny Minton is someone who I consider a class act. I remember officially meeting him in 2004 at Tee’s house the day Ol’ Dirty Bastard from the Wu-Tang Clan died. We were up late watching Mac Dre vids and talking and he told me about ODB after catching the info from a text I believe. Even though we had just become friends I felt like I had known him for years. And with us being from 2 entirely different coasts I have to thank Vinny for introducing me to his Bay Area lingo…it took me awhile to learn how use the word “Hella” in a sentence properly haha. Much love Vinny and here are his 5W’s!
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The 5W’s with JON ORTIZ!

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          Jon Ortiz is the true definition of a legend. He has left lasting impressions in the rollerblading scene with his trademark style that has influenced pretty much everybody out there who have seen him skate. Jon Ortiz was one of my influences when I was coming up in the rollerblade scene back in the mid-90’s so it is an absolute honor to have him take the time out to answer the 5W’s. His in-depth and truthful answers make this a classic in my book. Enjoy kiddies!
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The 5W’s with Coco Sanchez

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          Coco Sanchez is quickly becoming known across the globe in the Rollerblading scene. She is one of the new generation of Ladies to show the boys that she can hold it down with the Rollerblades just as well. Here is a very good read which shows her dedication to Rollerblading. I present to you the 5W’s with Coco Sanchez. Continue reading

The 5W’s with AL DOLEGA

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          AL DOLEGA is a walking historian of everything Rollerblading related. I have a ton of RESPECT for him and his inspiring knowledge of our industry and it’s products. He has paid his dues for years with his skating, his years running Octona Skateshop, his years running NIGHT Hardware, promoting the Michigan scene among many other things that he does to help keep Rollerblading going strong. Here he is as the latest victim of SUAS’s random 5W’s. Continue reading