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GO 4TH Coming Soon!

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GO 4TH is a blading film based out of New York City & South Florida. It features full-length profiles on ALEX NUNEZ,MAX RENSEN,CHRIS BURNS, & THOMAS LIPANI as well as Mini montage views of Franco Cammayo, Jon Fromm, Sean Grossman, Sal Zaso, Anthony Soto, Bobby Reichel, Jesus Medina, James Perez, Blake Taylor, Joe Lee,and many more! The film will be released worldwide VERY SOON! There will be a massive premiere in New York City for it and a huge after party. ALEX NUNEZ’S legacy lives on in this film….
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Do You Want To Be A Part Of History?

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Well, here’s your chance!!!
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New Skatepark In The Works For Ozone Park

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It seems as if NYC is trying to compete within itself for the borough with the most skateparks. Or maybe California has been an influence with their numerous state-funded skate-able landscapes. But either way it is exciting to see the city building new skateparks left and right. And the best part of it for me is that it will be located VERY close to my job!
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Snap-Backs & Dice Stacks

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Aside from the buzz of this weekends NYC Invitational there are 2 products that has the blading world and particularly NYC buzzing. They are the I ROLL NY “New York Rollers” snap back hats & the Art Of Rolling “Skate Dice”. So, make sure you bring your allowance and pick these hot limited edition items up at the invitational while supplies last! Continue reading

VALO/NYC “End Of The World” Street Session 5/21/2011

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          It took me a bit longer than I had anticipated to write up this dvd review but in the end all I hope is that you will read this and hopefully be encouraged to pick up this great dvd. I apologize for the length of this review but my early aspirations of becoming a writer has never left my blood.

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The 5W’s with JON ORTIZ!

Posted in 5W's, Coming Soon, Hear It From... with tags on November 15, 2010 by lordbrian

          Jon Ortiz is the true definition of a legend. He has left lasting impressions in the rollerblading scene with his trademark style that has influenced pretty much everybody out there who have seen him skate. Jon Ortiz was one of my influences when I was coming up in the rollerblade scene back in the mid-90’s so it is an absolute honor to have him take the time out to answer the 5W’s. His in-depth and truthful answers make this a classic in my book. Enjoy kiddies!
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