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“Master Splinter” Review

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In a blading world that is filling up rapidly with VOD sections there is a hidden gem that recently dropped with a “FREE” to view price tag that is putting others to shame. Jeremy Soderburg & Gregory Preston share with you their visual gift comprised of a passion for the sport that is refreshing as well as inspiring. “Master Splinter” is the title and there is enough Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle action in here to satisfy the little kid in all of our souls. I dare you to watch this and not be motivated to go out and shred outside of your comfort zone. Let’s dig in!
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Tagged…I’m IT! “Checkmate” DVD

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          This Rollerblading movie has me in the intro here and there as well as in the Bonus Feature…good times, good times. See how many times you can find good ol’ LB!

“It’s All Good”…FULL MOVIE…Enjoy!

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          This is a great definitive look into the early progressive years of Rollerblading (1997) and some of the originators that sacrificed their well-being to take it to another level for the future of our sport. This film has sentimental value to me because these are the people that I came up watching, meeting, skating with and eventually personally knowing. It brings back a flood of memories seeing my peers in their prime while building this sport that we all know and love! Continue reading