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Damon Franklin: The Tehachapi Beast Interview

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(All screenshots taken from Damon Franklin’s 2015 Edit by Erick Rodriguez)
Since the time Damon Franklin and I began drafting up this interview late last year things have changed for the better. He went from Xsjado to USD…he just dropped a great edit with Erick Rodriguez showcasing his street skills…and he is traveling much more to blade as much as possible thus increasing his exposure. Instead of scrapping the interview and starting over we decided to keep some of the old and mix it with the new. The result is a look into the mind of a young blader with a hunger for progression.
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Company Spotlight: Beyond The Ledge

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Joe Schaefer’s company Beyond The Ledge Skate Wax is definitely “Not Your Mother’s Candles”. Joe is a man with a game plan that is slowly unfolding before our very eyes. And to tell you the truth…it looks really good. I learned a lot about this NYC based company during this interview and I’m proud to share this Company Spotlight with all of you.

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The 5W’s w/ Themxniggas

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By now every blader has been checking their Instagram accounts constantly in the anticipation of a new post by the funniest group of bladers out there…they go simply by the name “Themxniggas”. I’ve been sworn to secrecy on their identities but they did agree to take a few moments out of the hood to answer my 5W’s.

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James Perez: From Up & Coming to NYC All-Star Interview

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Photo by Austin Paz

James Perez is the man. He is like a little brother to me. And I really mean that. The kid is so inspiring in all aspects of Life that I feel fortunate enough to have crossed paths with him. His love for NYC and blading is helping to guide the scene to the future. And with him being one of the passengers in the the vehicle the East Coast is on the right road. Continue reading

The 5W’s w/ Brian Krans

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Photo by Bruce Bales

Brian Krans is a badass with a typewriter. I was lucky enough to snag both of his previous novels “A Constant Suicide” and “Freeze Tag On The Highway” at the same time when we met at Billy O’ Neill’s NYC Invitational. Both of these novels I instantly recommend when asked what I books am I reading. He also has a badass website Blade Or Die ( that everybody should be aware of by now. On the road to a big promotional push for his newest novel “Assualt Rifles & Pedophiles: An American Love Story” Brian took the time out to give awesome answers to the 5W’s that I sent over to him. Thanks again Mr. Krans!
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My Thoughts On My JC Rowe 2.0 Custom Skate (JC Rowe 1.5?)

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In all honesty my feelings regarding the Xsjado brand has been what you can call “Love/Hate”. After several years of riding 3 different models with the 3rd being my current JC Rowe setup I can finally say that I am liking them much more now then I have before…and all it took was a slight customization to reach my personal satisfaction with my blades. Stemming from an idea from my good friend Jorge Gonzalez and a few moments of my time with his assistance, my blades transformed in the JC Rowe 2.0 Custom Skate…(or JC Rowe 1.5) since I opted to stay with the original cuffs. I have tried the Xsjado’s with the 2.0 cuff at Long Beach Roller Sports ( and they felt a bit high in my opinion so I’m sticking to what works for me…just a personal preference.

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Checking In w/ Ranier Piramide

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ShutupandSKATE wanted to take a brief moment to check in with Ranier Piramide, an amazing blader and Cali legend who is recuperating from a recent knee surgery. While we all enjoyed his countless clips and sections over the years it would take a toll on his body resulting in a much needed surgery that he couldn’t put off any longer. Let’s see what’s going on with the Blading Alumni these days.
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