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Forecast Tradeshow 2017

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A beautiful day in Cali on Saturday, June 3rd kicked of the 2017 Forecast Tradeshow event in Carson, CA. Here are some pics from today’s event, enjoy! Continue reading


Rip N Roast 2014 Randoms

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Rip N Roast 2014 brought together bladers from all over Cali and delivered smiles amongst strangers, laughter amongst comrades and blading amongst family. Chef Obedoza deserves accolades for manning the grill on his day off and feeding the masses of hungry skaters. He cooked up the beef burgers, hot dogs and veggie burgers with a smile. Kudos to the CHEF! Many faces old and new came out to blade and catch up with friends as well as support the blading scene. With the beautiful Cali sun out in full force and a crisp breeze to follow made for a perfect day of blading.
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Random LB-CAM Pics From The Blading Cup 2013

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I finally attended my 1st Blading Cup and it was a memorable event. The obstacles screamed Pro Status with some really original designs created by unique minds. The Bladers that competed stepped their game up too. I’m surprised that I still have my voice from vocally supporting my fellow Bladers in their amazing trickery. But, in the end another great event for rollerblading that brought us all together went down and I hope you enjoy some of the random pics that I managed to catch while walking around the event.

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Random Ozone Park Skatepark Pics

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Being that my son woke up early today and wanted to use his scooter I decided to take him to the new skatepark in Ozone Park, Queens. I’m not sure if it has an official name yet but it is worth a trip to check out some of the fun lines that can be done if you have a skaters’-eye. In between skating while my son scooted I took some random park shots so you can check out some of the obstacles. Continue reading

A Sunny Day In The Winter Slumber

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20130314-202109.jpgAfter suffering in the frigid 30’s of NYC temperature for the past month a break finally came in the weather and the mercury went up to a nice 50 degrees. With the blue skies penetrating the pillows of clouds and the sun shining down from the negative spaces my son and I took a trip to the city to meet up with some friends to defrost our wheels. Here are a few random pics and distracting captions from our day.

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2nd Annual NYC Street Invitational

Posted in Give Back Contests, LB-CAM Pics, My Ramblings, Rolling Events, Sessions, Support Rollerblading with tags , , , , on September 23, 2012 by lordbrian

After a borough to borough spot change, a tight knit comp info secrecy and criticism for holding a street comp in a skate park, the 2nd Annual NYC Street Invitational went down. Needless to say that it was an amazing event with ALOT of bladers coming out to support what we all love to do. Aside from catching up with many old faces in the crowd I managed to snag a bunch of random pics with my fogged lense LB-CAM aka iPod Touch. I apologize in advance for my pics being shittier than usual but take from it the ambience of a great time in NYC rollerblading.

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2012 Cozmik Memorial Session: Pier 25 Skate Plaza

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In celebration of the life of Brian “Cozmik” Scott, NYC bladers united as one for a session in honor of our fallen brother. Many bladers showed up, traded great stories about Cozmik and had an amazing session. Many thanks to IRollNY, Flatlines Skateshop, Rollerwarehouse & Tri-State Skate for providing prizes to those blading hard for this memorial event. Here are some random pics that I snapped during the day…enjoy!

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