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ShutupandSKATE 5 of 5

Posted in Limited Editions, My Ramblings, Promo Teaser Trailers, Support Rollerblading with tags on May 8, 2013 by lordbrian

Messing around with my brother Javien’s Button Maker at work and created some Limited Edition ShutupandSKATE “Kardashian Tears” promo buttons.



2012 Cozmik Memorial Session: Pier 25 Skate Plaza

Posted in Dedications, LB-CAM Pics, Limited Editions, RESPECT, Respect Due, Rolling Events, Sessions, Support Rollerblading with tags , , , on September 16, 2012 by lordbrian

In celebration of the life of Brian “Cozmik” Scott, NYC bladers united as one for a session in honor of our fallen brother. Many bladers showed up, traded great stories about Cozmik and had an amazing session. Many thanks to IRollNY, Flatlines Skateshop, Rollerwarehouse & Tri-State Skate for providing prizes to those blading hard for this memorial event. Here are some random pics that I snapped during the day…enjoy!

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Camera Roll: Gee Lee

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Here is a photo of the winner of the “King Of Queens Comp” Dylan Hopp mid-trick taken by Gee Lee with the Canon Mark II 5D

Snap-Backs & Dice Stacks

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Aside from the buzz of this weekends NYC Invitational there are 2 products that has the blading world and particularly NYC buzzing. They are the I ROLL NY “New York Rollers” snap back hats & the Art Of Rolling “Skate Dice”. So, make sure you bring your allowance and pick these hot limited edition items up at the invitational while supplies last! Continue reading

ShutupandSKATE Create Originals Insert #2!

Posted in Limited Editions, My Ramblings with tags on January 26, 2010 by lordbrian

          This pair of Create Originals inserts was designed by my bro Stefan Brandow. for my Valo A.B. 1 skates. These will be the inserts that I will be using if I get the  Black Create Originals frames. A nice Black, Red & White color scheme to match my Broskies 😉
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ShutupandSKATE Create Originals Inserts!

Posted in Limited Editions, My Ramblings with tags , on January 11, 2010 by lordbrian

          My good friend Kris Troyer took time out of his day to come up with a cool customized ShutupandSKATE insert for me to rock when I pick up my Create Originals
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Finger Skates: Fast Food Style

Posted in Limited Editions with tags , , , , on December 17, 2009 by lordbrian

“Good times, great taste, that’s why this is my place! Good times, great taste at McDonald’s!”

         I’m sorry for the musical outburst but this was the song that I sung when I first layed my eyes on this pair of Limited Edition Finger Skates sent to ShutupandSKATE from Art Of Rolling. Being that these skates have a Mc D’s influence I just had to use the LB-CAM ( my  iPhone  ) and take some exclusive shots of these one of a kind bad boys…Enjoy!
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