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“Master Splinter” Review

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In a blading world that is filling up rapidly with VOD sections there is a hidden gem that recently dropped with a “FREE” to view price tag that is putting others to shame. Jeremy Soderburg & Gregory Preston share with you their visual gift comprised of a passion for the sport that is refreshing as well as inspiring. “Master Splinter” is the title and there is enough Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle action in here to satisfy the little kid in all of our souls. I dare you to watch this and not be motivated to go out and shred outside of your comfort zone. Let’s dig in!
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ShutupandSKATE 5th Year Anniversary!

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What? You thought this was a joke? 5 years strong boyeeeee! Thank you! Coming up next is an interview with an up and coming blader from Tehachapi…Damon Franklin! Much love and respect to everyone who ever clicked on my blog to see what this old man is up to!

My Thoughts On My JC Rowe 2.0 Custom Skate (JC Rowe 1.5?)

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In all honesty my feelings regarding the Xsjado brand has been what you can call “Love/Hate”. After several years of riding 3 different models with the 3rd being my current JC Rowe setup I can finally say that I am liking them much more now then I have before…and all it took was a slight customization to reach my personal satisfaction with my blades. Stemming from an idea from my good friend Jorge Gonzalez and a few moments of my time with his assistance, my blades transformed in the JC Rowe 2.0 Custom Skate…(or JC Rowe 1.5) since I opted to stay with the original cuffs. I have tried the Xsjado’s with the 2.0 cuff at Long Beach Roller Sports ( and they felt a bit high in my opinion so I’m sticking to what works for me…just a personal preference.

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Real Hip-Hop (RHH): Kendrick Lamar BET Cypher 2013

Posted in My Ramblings, Real Hip-Hop, Respect Due with tags , on November 30, 2013 by lordbrian

Hip-Hop nowadays sounds uninspired with zero inspiration behind the lyrics and production. MC’s are manufactured and not discovered…Enter Kendrick Lamar. The kid is on fire and shows promise of what hip-hop can become when done properly. In this BET Cypher verse he spits with the hunger of Skid Row in his belly. Definitely a must-listen, especially with a subliminal dart or 2 aimed at Aubrey.
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ShutupandSKATE 4 Year Anniversary!

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4 Years of ShutupandSKATE! aka the little blog that could 😉 I definitely feel blessed to still be doing this 4 years after its inception. It went from an idea, to a conversation, to a blog…It is a fun ride and I really don’t see me getting off of this ride anytime soon.

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Random Ozone Park Skatepark Pics

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Being that my son woke up early today and wanted to use his scooter I decided to take him to the new skatepark in Ozone Park, Queens. I’m not sure if it has an official name yet but it is worth a trip to check out some of the fun lines that can be done if you have a skaters’-eye. In between skating while my son scooted I took some random park shots so you can check out some of the obstacles. Continue reading

ShutupandSKATE 5 of 5

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Messing around with my brother Javien’s Button Maker at work and created some Limited Edition ShutupandSKATE “Kardashian Tears” promo buttons.