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James Perez: From Up & Coming to NYC All-Star Interview

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Photo by Austin Paz

James Perez is the man. He is like a little brother to me. And I really mean that. The kid is so inspiring in all aspects of Life that I feel fortunate enough to have crossed paths with him. His love for NYC and blading is helping to guide the scene to the future. And with him being one of the passengers in the the vehicle the East Coast is on the right road. Continue reading


INSPIRED: The Xsjado Video – Ben Schwab

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The Xsjado Video – BEN SCHWAB from TheConferenceTV on Vimeo.

INSPIRED was conceived a mere moment ago after I watched this section from Ben Schwab. With so many edits and videos out there showcasing blading it is rapidly becoming difficult to separate yourself and distinguish your own identity. With this section Ben did just that.

Real Hip-Hop (RHH): Kendrick Lamar BET Cypher 2013

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Hip-Hop nowadays sounds uninspired with zero inspiration behind the lyrics and production. MC’s are manufactured and not discovered…Enter Kendrick Lamar. The kid is on fire and shows promise of what hip-hop can become when done properly. In this BET Cypher verse he spits with the hunger of Skid Row in his belly. Definitely a must-listen, especially with a subliminal dart or 2 aimed at Aubrey.
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Random LB-CAM Pics From The Blading Cup 2013

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I finally attended my 1st Blading Cup and it was a memorable event. The obstacles screamed Pro Status with some really original designs created by unique minds. The Bladers that competed stepped their game up too. I’m surprised that I still have my voice from vocally supporting my fellow Bladers in their amazing trickery. But, in the end another great event for rollerblading that brought us all together went down and I hope you enjoy some of the random pics that I managed to catch while walking around the event.

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Checking In w/ Ranier Piramide

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ShutupandSKATE wanted to take a brief moment to check in with Ranier Piramide, an amazing blader and Cali legend who is recuperating from a recent knee surgery. While we all enjoyed his countless clips and sections over the years it would take a toll on his body resulting in a much needed surgery that he couldn’t put off any longer. Let’s see what’s going on with the Blading Alumni these days.
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MNS – Monday Night Skate at Houghton Skatepark

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At a time in rollerblading where sessions are sometimes setup with weeks of social media hype and word of mouth there is an ongoing weekly session EVERY Monday…and I mean EVERY Monday…without it even being said…and that is Long Beach’s Monday Night Skate or MNS for short at Houghton Skatepark.

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Alex Nunez “King Of Queens” by Austin Paz

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