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ShutupandSKATE 5th Year Anniversary!

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What? You thought this was a joke? 5 years strong boyeeeee! Thank you! Coming up next is an interview with an up and coming blader from Tehachapi…Damon Franklin! Much love and respect to everyone who ever clicked on my blog to see what this old man is up to!


James Perez: From Up & Coming to NYC All-Star Interview

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Photo by Austin Paz

James Perez is the man. He is like a little brother to me. And I really mean that. The kid is so inspiring in all aspects of Life that I feel fortunate enough to have crossed paths with him. His love for NYC and blading is helping to guide the scene to the future. And with him being one of the passengers in the the vehicle the East Coast is on the right road. Continue reading

Alex Nunez “King Of Queens” by Austin Paz

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Gone Too Soon: Alex Nunez

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I will never forget the feeling of shock that was in my heart upon hearing of the passing of my brother Alex Nunez several days ago. I am still in denial over this and I’m replaying over and over in my mind the last time that I had seen him which was a short while ago. Recently, me and my brother Sam Williams had lunch with my little boy and Alex’s name came up since I had asked how he was doing. During our conversation I became aware of some personal things that Alex was dealing with but never would I have imagined that he would be gone before I got the chance to see him again and offer him my shoulder to lean on if he didn’t already know that he already had it. Life is way too short and this tragic occurrence is proof of it. Hug the ones you love and try to take a few minutes out of each day to contact a friend that you may not have spoken to in awhile. It will go a long way believe me. Call, text, instant message, FB message, FB chat, email…with all of this technology at hand we can check up on each other. You never what someone may be going through in the confines of their privacy. Send a smile or a simple hello. Make their day.
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I got caught off guard with this one but it shows the beauty of passing down the torch to the new generation of bladers which in this case is my son Brian. In the new Mal Ashby edit entitled “Air To The Montage” Gregory Preston put a little something together for Malik since he is now enrolled in the Army and won’t have that much time to blade for awhile. I would like to thank Malik for stepping up and defending our country. Much love and respect for life my brother…CHXXRS!
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Kim Kardashian Sheds Tears Over 3 Years Of ShutupandSKATE!

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ShutupandSKATE 3rd Year Anniversary!

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While Hurricane Sandy is blowing her way all across NYC bringing all types of wind and rain, she cannot bring a damper on ShutupandSKATE’s 3rd Year Anniversary! A big shout-out to everybody who has ever clicked on my little blog to read what this old geezer has to say about rollerblading.