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Forecast Tradeshow 2017

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A beautiful day in Cali on Saturday, June 3rd kicked of the 2017 Forecast Tradeshow event in Carson, CA. Here are some pics from today’s event, enjoy! Continue reading


The Blading Cup Fundraiser

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I woke up early this morning to volunteer my manpower to Tim Franken and the Lux Armor Crew for The Blading Cup Fundraiser that they put together with Themgoods. Hours before the event we worked on the huge quarter pipe as well as other obstacles which came out even better than I imagined courtesy of Chris Calkins. When I left JJ was closing in rapidly on $1,000 so it is safe to say that the event was a success. Here are some photos from the LB-CAM of the pre-event setup. We put in work!

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Love Long Beach Festival x Blading Cup Qualifier LB-CAM Pics

Posted in Rolling Events, Sessions, Support Rollerblading with tags , on July 19, 2014 by lordbrian

Went out to Granada Beach earlier today with Joey Barbera to show support for the local blading scene and of course to show our love for Long Beach. I couldn’t stay long but I snagged a few pics while everything was getting started. Enjoy and ShutupandSKATE will see all of you at the next event!

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Baby Roach Pt. 3

Posted in Sessions, Support Rollerblading with tags , , on March 27, 2014 by lordbrian

Another installment rolled up for your viewing pleasure. They copped my clip at :40 seconds in haha!

Rip N Roast 2014 Randoms

Posted in LB-CAM Pics, Rolling Events, Sessions, Support Rollerblading with tags , , , , on March 16, 2014 by lordbrian

Rip N Roast 2014 brought together bladers from all over Cali and delivered smiles amongst strangers, laughter amongst comrades and blading amongst family. Chef Obedoza deserves accolades for manning the grill on his day off and feeding the masses of hungry skaters. He cooked up the beef burgers, hot dogs and veggie burgers with a smile. Kudos to the CHEF! Many faces old and new came out to blade and catch up with friends as well as support the blading scene. With the beautiful Cali sun out in full force and a crisp breeze to follow made for a perfect day of blading.
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MNS – Monday Night Skate at Houghton Skatepark

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At a time in rollerblading where sessions are sometimes setup with weeks of social media hype and word of mouth there is an ongoing weekly session EVERY Monday…and I mean EVERY Monday…without it even being said…and that is Long Beach’s Monday Night Skate or MNS for short at Houghton Skatepark.

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Random Ozone Park Skatepark Pics

Posted in Hear It From..., LB-CAM Pics, My Ramblings, Sessions, Skate Spots, SKATE This Spot, Support Rollerblading with tags , , on May 27, 2013 by lordbrian

Being that my son woke up early today and wanted to use his scooter I decided to take him to the new skatepark in Ozone Park, Queens. I’m not sure if it has an official name yet but it is worth a trip to check out some of the fun lines that can be done if you have a skaters’-eye. In between skating while my son scooted I took some random park shots so you can check out some of the obstacles. Continue reading