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Random Ozone Park Skatepark Pics

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Being that my son woke up early today and wanted to use his scooter I decided to take him to the new skatepark in Ozone Park, Queens. I’m not sure if it has an official name yet but it is worth a trip to check out some of the fun lines that can be done if you have a skaters’-eye. In between skating while my son scooted I took some random park shots so you can check out some of the obstacles. Continue reading


Lil Brian’s Day Of Play: Coleman Skatepark

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I woke up to a beautiful NYC day filled with sunshine, light clouds and most importantly no humidity! So, once my son woke up I took him out for a day of play with his skates. We ended up going to Coleman Skatepark and here are a baker’s dozen worth of pics chronicling our day.

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New Skatepark In The Works For Ozone Park

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It seems as if NYC is trying to compete within itself for the borough with the most skateparks. Or maybe California has been an influence with their numerous state-funded skate-able landscapes. But either way it is exciting to see the city building new skateparks left and right. And the best part of it for me is that it will be located VERY close to my job!
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“King Of Queens” Competition Promo

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Co-“King Of Queens” Organizer Trevor Johnson takes a quick time-out from the comp preparation along with Co-“King Of Queens” Organizer Craig Benabu to send a message of thanks to all of the comp sponsors as well as introduce the spots to all of the the competitors.

Introducing “Piss Rail”

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Back in the days me and this rail went together like PB&J. Every time I picked up a fresh new pair of blades I usually bladed to this spot at night by myself when no one was around in order to break them in. It is a short mellow little thing but it is still fun as hell to skate on. It is just close enough to the wall to make you slightly hesitant on boot tricks but just far enough from the wall that your boot won’t catch the ledge if you are on your trick correctly.

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LB-CAM Lifestyle pics from Jordan Baez’s “McCarren Or Die Competition”

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          ShutupandSKATE was in attendance to show support for Jordan Baez’s 1st contest which was called “McCarren Or Die Competition”. This was a comp showcasing new Beginners as well as upcoming AMs. For his 1st contest, Jordan held it down for rollerblading and has plans to do a few more comps before the Summer is over so keep an eye out for that.

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SKATE This Spot #4: The Chase Handicap Rail

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SKATE This Spot #4: “The Chase Handicap Rail” is located at the entrance of the Chase bank that is located on the corner of Flushing Avenue & Metropolitan Avenue. Continue reading