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Due to my son’s health issue ShutupandSKATE will be on hiatus…

To check up on his inspiring story and progress feel free to check out his blog:

Brian Beats Tumors 


Company Spotlight: Grey Matter Hardgoods

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Grey Matter Hardgoods came out of nowhere and is now everywhere. I can’t go a day without hearing great praise about their anti rockers or seeing an advertisement promoting their product or mindset…and that is a good thing. GMH is here and they are making an impact. After working with TJ Gleason on this interview I found a new level of respect for him and I’m glad he’s back into blading. Welcome back TJ!
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Bully Free Zone 4 Event at Houghton Skatepark

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It’s a huge rarity to see Rollerblading BMX & Skateboarding join forces for 1 common cause but it’s something that needs to be done more often all around the globe. And the cause that brought us together is a common problem for everyone and that is BULLYING. Eventhough it felt as if things were a bit rushed the bladers from Long Beach and beyond still represented our sport lovely for all of the spectators. With Mike Obedoza as the master of ceremonies and the Best Trick Comp judging consulted by Los, Honeytoast & myself a great ol’ time was had by all. Enjoy the random pics that I managed to snap in between rounds.

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The 5W’s w/ Themxniggas

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By now every blader has been checking their Instagram accounts constantly in the anticipation of a new post by the funniest group of bladers out there…they go simply by the name “Themxniggas”. I’ve been sworn to secrecy on their identities but they did agree to take a few moments out of the hood to answer my 5W’s.

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James Perez: From Up & Coming to NYC All-Star Interview

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Photo by Austin Paz

James Perez is the man. He is like a little brother to me. And I really mean that. The kid is so inspiring in all aspects of Life that I feel fortunate enough to have crossed paths with him. His love for NYC and blading is helping to guide the scene to the future. And with him being one of the passengers in the the vehicle the East Coast is on the right road. Continue reading

Fab 5IVE Friday w/ Gregory Preston

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Back in the states and straight from the suburbs of Bixby Knolls is Long Beach’s very own Gregory Preston in the S.U.A.S. hot seat for the latest installment of Fab 5IVE Friday!

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In-Studio Performance w/ Brooklyn Kings, Mindz Over Matter & Solone

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When Ruben Perez isn’t lacing stylish tricks with his blades on he is in the studio with his blades off doing his thing. Check out this in-studio performance filmed & edited by fellow blader Craig Benabu.