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4 Responses to “Contact S.U.A.S.”

  1. Rod L. Short Says:

    Hey, Man, I saw that Aiden Charles passed away.
    So sad.
    Any idea what happened?
    R.I.P. Aiden

  2. Hey there. I saw that you have an old interview with Sean and Neil Wicks from Urban Rolling in Longbeach…

    I recently had the opportunity to interview a young man named Sean Wicks on my podcast… he is currently living on the streets in Southern CA out of a shopping cart, alone.

    Did you know them personally? If you wouldn’t mind listening to his interview, I would really appreciate some verification on whether this is the same guy… I’d love to get the word out there that he really needs some help right now.

  3. Keiki-San aka Mr.Konnichiwa here and maybe coming to the NYC area on the last week of October. Not sure yet but trying to get my daughter to come with me but if not it’s only going to be for 2 days.
    Posted on Be-mag on my (maybe) arrival.

  4. shari weiderman Says:

    Love this site! Who is that in the header photo? Looks familiar.

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