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2012 Cozmik Memorial Session: Pier 25 Skate Plaza

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In celebration of the life of Brian “Cozmik” Scott, NYC bladers united as one for a session in honor of our fallen brother. Many bladers showed up, traded great stories about Cozmik and had an amazing session. Many thanks to IRollNY, Flatlines Skateshop, Rollerwarehouse & Tri-State Skate for providing prizes to those blading hard for this memorial event. Here are some random pics that I snapped during the day…enjoy!

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Blading With Shadows

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“Shadows” has created a huge buzz all over for NYC’s Dillon Cooper. And since me and him go back to when he had shoulder length dreads with oversized skates 😉 it is only right that I show him some love on ShutupandSKATE!

Brian “Cozmik” Scott article in DAILY NEWS 6/21/2010

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          There is an article in today’s Daily News paper focusing on the “Arrowhead Pawn” shop, which is the shop where the gun used in the Brian Scott tragedy was purchased. During an investigation it was noted that the Jonesboro, GA shop sold numerous guns that recently made its way to our city streets. In total there has been 11 suspects arrested on weapons posession charges related to 9 guns purchased at Arrowhead.

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Gun used in Brian “Cozmik” Scott case now OFF of the streets!

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          When I woke up this morning, I came across this Daily News article which gives praise to an undercover Cop who managed to single-handedly take 153 guns off of the streets of New York City by playing his role so well.
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