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In-Studio Performance w/ Brooklyn Kings, Mindz Over Matter & Solone

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When Ruben Perez isn’t lacing stylish tricks with his blades on he is in the studio with his blades off doing his thing. Check out this in-studio performance filmed & edited by fellow blader Craig Benabu.


“King Of Queens” Comp Photo Story

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A day change, a MIA Jon Morciglio, multiple rain showers, Parks Department drama, complaining bladers and spot changes could not hold us down. The “King Of Queens” Comp still went down and produced blading that will be talked about for a very long time. Here are some random pics I managed to snap in between co-judging the comp.

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“King Of Queens” Competition Promo

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Co-“King Of Queens” Organizer Trevor Johnson takes a quick time-out from the comp preparation along with Co-“King Of Queens” Organizer Craig Benabu to send a message of thanks to all of the comp sponsors as well as introduce the spots to all of the the competitors.

“King Of Queens” Comp Flyer Info

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The 5w’s w/ Craig Benabu

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Craig Benabu’s 5W’s is a great read and I hope that it lights a fire under NYC’s collective asses. I sent over my questions and he provided me with thorough answers making this my favorite 5W’s thus far. Thank you Craig for being honest and telling it like it is.
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“Too Much Love” Crew Pier 62 Skatepark Session LB-CAM PICS

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          On FRIDAY, JUNE 18th at Pier 62 Skatepark in NYC the Too Much Love Crew came down from Minnesota to show the New York City Rollerblading scene  much love. The turnout was great and NYC definitely showed the TML crew how we support Rollerblading. Enjoy some of these LB-CAM pics taken during  some down time and remember to SUPPORT Rollerblading!
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SUAS Contest #5 **UPDATE** & WINNERS!

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          What’s up fellow rollas and rollettes! ShutupandSKATE & iDentity Clothing Co. ( ) Contest #5 “People’s Choice T-Shirt Design” has come to a close and I would like to give you all an important update on a slight change of plans. Continue reading