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Damon Franklin: The Tehachapi Beast Interview

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(All screenshots taken from Damon Franklin’s 2015 Edit by Erick Rodriguez)
Since the time Damon Franklin and I began drafting up this interview late last year things have changed for the better. He went from Xsjado to USD…he just dropped a great edit with Erick Rodriguez showcasing his street skills…and he is traveling much more to blade as much as possible thus increasing his exposure. Instead of scrapping the interview and starting over we decided to keep some of the old and mix it with the new. The result is a look into the mind of a young blader with a hunger for progression.
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Malik Ashby Interview: On His Way

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Photo by
Malik Ashby is a progressive blader. I say that because every time you skate with him he laces something new each time. He starts off each session shaking hands and smiling but shortly after once the iPod play button is pressed he quietly goes through the motions of his expanding and stylish trick vocabulary. Malik spreads the word about USD everywhere he goes as well which is necessary while representing one of the biggest companies in rollerblading. Even though it seems he is constantly being criticized he keeps a level head and keeps on blading as part of the future of the growing NYC scene.

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JEREMY SODERBURG What Are You Rolling On?

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Jeremy Soderburg dissects his set-up and explains why he rolls this way.
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NYC Let’s ENTER This IRollNY/USD Online Edit Contest!

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Let’s GO NYC!

          The IRollNY / USD Online Edit Contest has started as of January 16th! This is show and prove time! I have heard alot of talking so now it’s time to see some skating. Strap on your blades, be creative and good luck to everybody that enters! The time to make a name for yourself or make your name even more known is at hand so take advantage!

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R E S P E C T Anthony Williams

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Name: Anthony Williams
Age: 25
Representing: Long Beach, but grew up in the O.C.
Years Skating: 13 years
Sponsors: USD

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USD “KILLA BEEZ” touches down at Urban Rolling Skateshop

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          ShutupandSKATE & The LB-CAM visited Urban Rolling Skateshop (  a few weeks ago to check out the arrival of the Demetrious George “Killa Beez” USD’s first hand. And I have to say that eventhough I am not a big fan of the color Yellow these skates look pretty good in person. If I was to ride these skates I would hook up a White cuff, White Liners, Yellow Laces and White Back Soul Plate and I’ll be rolling in style 😉

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SUAS: What’s up RACHARD & welcome to ShutupandSKATE! You have been around for awhile now. I remember first seeing you in an up & coming section in an issue of Daily Bread years ago. It’s amazing to see how far you have come in this sport. How long have you been in the rolling game?

LARJ: I been in the game for about 13 years. Those 13 years of my life have been crazy as hell. Although I gained respect around the world, I lost my Mother and Father in that time. I stay strong as much as I can. I’m grateful for my fans (including haters) and my success.
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