LB vs. The SUAS Inbox


A short while ago I requested questions from all of you about anything and now the ShutupandSKATE Inbox has been flooded with some great questions! Here are the first 5 that I have answered so far, so enjoy and thank you for all of your support!

Titties-N-Beer: One of my rollerblading friends is a member of the homosexual community. I don’t really care that he prefers dix, but I love rollerblading so much that I feel like he is perpetuating the stereotype that rollerbladers are gay – all he does at the skate park is talk (like, verbally) about the toned upper bodies of the guys on bmx’s and how he wishes he could exchange blowjobs with the ‘more fashionable’ skateboarders. He’s a cool guy after you set him straight by letting him know that you’ll bash on him if makes an advance, but I feel like he is simply too much of a faggot to be wearing blades around my crew.

How can I embarrass him enough so his dad has to ‘get a job transfer’, and he is located to some other unfortunate rolling scene?

I’m also wondering how I can keep my mom’s friend (Chris), from spending so much time at my house when my dad is at work? He is an alright guy but I’m starting to feel a bit like, disregarded, because he hasn’t taken me camping after making the promise multiple times over the period of a few months.
Wow, now this is sounds like something that would be on the MTV “True Life” series haha. I don’t know if this is a serious question or not but I’ll do my best to answer it for you regardless 😉 First of all, there are gays in every sport, company, team, hobby, job, industry, etc so it really shouldn’t be no surprise to anybody at all. I don’t even acknowledge that “rollerblading is gay” stereotype either because only idiots embrace it. If your friend always tends to talk about who’s hot or who he wants to suck off instead of blading when you go to parks then simply tell him to ShutandSKATE 😉 or take his blades away since he doesn’t seem to blade anyway. Why bring him around if he’s not going to contribute to the session?

But, if you are uncomfortable with him just because he is gay and happens to rollerblade then what kind of “friend” are you? You either accept him as your boy and support him or don’t associate with him if you can’t be true to him as his friend. I do have a morbid sense of humor that is influenced by my dark side which is full of horrible ideas but if I gave you any ideas to embarrass him that was actually used I would feel horrible haha. And transferring him to another scene wouldn’t really do anything but put him through more bullshit since rollerblading is pretty homophobic anyways.

As far as Chris goes…(your life seems to be full of experiences that would make a successful reality show!) he shows signs that he has interest in your Mom since he spends so much time there when your Dad is at work. And offering to take you out camping is a way to butter you up so you’ll keep your mouth shut if he decides to pursue things with the Mrs. Or, he could just be gay and that is your Mom’s new B.F.F.

Tra aka Kris Troyer: Which is better for the image of rollerblading to the outside world:
Massive dangerous stunt blading with “simpler” tricks on the biggest scariest obstacles with no regard for physical well-being or controlled style,
well thought-out and planned technical blading on agreeably smaller obstacles but with more control and attentiveness to style?
Remember, the outside world likes anything that looks “cool” and easy to comprehend. So, I would present them the dangerous stunt blading since it would blow their collective minds away. Seeing a blader lace a simple trick on a double kink drop rail would induce the “ooooohs” & “aaaaahs” since it simply looks dangerous and would remind them of “Scarred” if the blader misses the trick. But, if you show the same people a clip of…let’s say Chris Farmer lacing a 360 topsoul on a waist high ledge it may not have the same effect since that trick may be too complicated or difficult for them to fully grasp and appreciate.

estiloskater: Do you think that “shutupandskate” is a good name for your blog?
Why don’t you just shut up and skate?
I do think ShutupandSKATE is a good name for my blog since it is a term that I have been using since I first started blading in ’94. I wish I would have copyrighted the name back then though haha. And I actually do ShutupandSKATE. I roll mostly by myself so I don’t really have anybody to talk to so I basically have to ShutupandSKATE regardless.

Anthony DeToma: Question 1: What was the first trick you learned?
Question 2: What is your “Safety Trick”?
The first aggressive trick that I learned was a 180 over a sewer cap while blading down the streets. And the first grind that I learned was a Frontside on a park bench. My safety trick would have to be a Mizou or Soul Grind but I love rollerblading so much that I embrace every trick.

Winston Neo Henry: Here’s one for ya. who do you consider ambassador to the sport in and from the NYC-Tristate area?
A few names instantly pop up to mind. Victor Callender for his pure heart for blading and putting the NYC competition series back on the map with his Last Man Standing series as well as creating great sessions with his Let’s Roll NY sessions. Not too mention his blading clinics to get kids into our sport, a great man he is. Jon Ortiz does clinics as well and introduces blading to all types of people and all ages, he promotes blading across the globe, does a great job judging various competitions and sets up great after parties for blading events.

I would also like to commend Ray Mendez for all of the behind the scenes work that he has done for the NYC blading scene. I cannot end this list without giving respect to the hardest working woman that I know Tee Tirado from Spoil’d Bratt Sk8shop. She films blading, travels with her shop team, sponsors amazing local talent, put together meet and greet with the biggest Pros, sets up local comps and in her spare time she runs a clothing line born from rollerblading iDentity Clothing Co. I know that you asked for one but there are many that do their thing for blading in the Tri-State area. Shout to Angelo Ferrer & Hyper Mike too!


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